Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2021 Issue 21

ISSN 1758-6437

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Editorial, pages 5‑8
Dianne Kirby

Winter War, Anti-Communism and the volunteers from abroad, 1939-1940, pages 9‑28
Kristo Karvinen

Thomas J. Kiernan and Irish Diplomatic Responses to Cold War Anti-Communism in Australia, 1946-1951, pages 29‑54
Gerard Madden Free to download

Year of refusal: crisis and ideology in the Communist Party of Canada, 1956-7, pages 55‑89
Mack Penner

Challenging the ‘cultural hegemony’ of the left in Cold War Turkey: the case of the Yeniden Millî Mücadele (National Struggle Anew) movement, pages 90‑113
Fulvio Bertuccelli

Book Reviews, pages 114‑159

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