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Anarchist Studies - ISSN 2633-8270
Volume 30 Number 1 (2022)

About the cover
Allan Antliff pages 5-6


About this issue’s cover: The Prince of Kittens One of the great luminaries in the anarchist firmament is Peter Kropotkin (1842- 1921), whose reception in the Anglo-American press is the subject of Lara Green’s article, ‘The Transnational Life and Death of Peter Kropotkin, 1881-1921’. Green discusses a shift in Kropotkin’s public image from foreigner-anarchist-terrorist to unthreatening ‘Anarchist Prince’ during his imprisonment (1883-1886) in the French prison of Clairvaux, a repurposed medieval monastery surrounded by swamp. At Clairvaux, prisoners were housed in dank cells and worked hard from dawn to dusk in enforced silence. Outer walls surrounding the central prison complex enclosed an orchard, croplands, and outbuildings for animals. Here, those approaching the end of their term were put to work.

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