Anarchist Studies Volume 30 (2022) Issue 1

ISSN 2633-8270

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About the cover, pages 5‑6
Allan Antliff lock_openFree to download

Writing Anarchism with History from Below, pages 7‑29
Kathy Ferguson lock_openFree to download

Taming all Challengers: Academically and Philosophically Situating Anarchist Sociology in North America, pages 30‑57
Dana M. Williams

‘Federation or Death’: The Beginnings and Early Ideology of Cypriot Anarchism Antonis Pastellopoulos , pages 58‑82
Antonis Pastellopoulos

The Transnational Life and Death of Peter Kropotkin, 1881-1921: Terrorism, the Anarchist Body, and the Russian Revolution , pages 83‑119
Lara Green

Reviews, pages 120‑128
lock_openFree to download

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