Writing Anarchism with History from Below

Anarchist Studies - ISSN 2633-8270
Volume 30 Number 1 (2022)

Writing Anarchism with History from Below
Kathy Ferguson pages 7-29
DOI: 10.3898/AS.30.1.01


This paper looks to the writing strategies and scholarly expectations of ‘History from Below’ to help develop anarchist historiography. These radical historians stress six major elements necessary to engaging past radical movements: voice, agency, sources, responsibility, care and accuracy, and democratisation. Radical historians also offer models of connecting individuals, groups, and larger structural levels of analysis. Consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of writing history from below can suggest politically and intellectually useful practices to scholars of anarchist history.

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Kathy Ferguson (2022) Writing Anarchism with History from Below, Anarchist Studies, 30(1), 7-29. https://doi.org/10.3898/AS.30.1.01

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