FORUM Volume 44 (2002) Issue 2

ISSN 0963-8253

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Editorial. Why New Labour Shouldn't be Touched with a Bargepole!, pages 45‑45

Creationism: bad science, bad religion, bad education, pages 46‑52
Derek Gillard

The Confirmation of Fixed Ability: can't act, can't sign; can dance a little, pages 53‑54
Patrick Yarker

Nursery Education: the current state of play, pages 55‑58
John Wadsworth

Eating Disorders and Comprehensive Ideals, pages 59‑65
John Evans, Bethan Evans, Emma Rich

Creative Looking and Responding, pages 66‑71
Pamela Smyth

Developing Pupil Involvement in the Assessment for Learning Process, pages 72‑77
Kit Messenger

Improvement from the Bottom-up: assessing the impact of a self-evaluation project, pages 78‑81
Howard Stevenson

Standing up for Progressive Education: Alfie Kohn and the United Kingdom, pages 82‑83
Mike Peters, Laurence Peters

Privatisation: a further threat to educational initiative and local government, pages 84‑86
Bernard Regan

Towards a 14 to 19 Framework, pages 87‑92
Clyde Chitty, John Dunford, Denis Lawton

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