Another School is Possible: learning from Europe

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 47 Number 2 & 3 (2005)

Another School is Possible: learning from Europe
TERRY WRIGLEY pages 223-232
DOI: 10.2304/forum.2005.47.2.14


In this impassioned attack on the profound failure of the current English system of schooling Terry Wrigley reminds us of inspirational European alternatives, particularly but not exclusively, from Scandinavia. They not only produce better 'results' as measured by international league tables; they also produce better 'results' in the wider, more exacting senses that radical democratic progressive education advocates. The challenges, both national and global, that education now faces are daunting. Yet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think outside the frame, especially for younger teachers perhaps who have not known anything else. Studying alternative traditions in Europe and elsewhere, as well as pockets of enlightenment here, may have a significant role in helping us to think outside the box.

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TERRY WRIGLEY (2005) Another School is Possible: learning from Europe, FORUM, 47(2 & 3 ), 223-232.

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