Editorial. School Size: deepening the debate

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 50 Number 2 (2008)

Editorial. School Size: deepening the debate
SHEILA DAINTON pages 163-166
DOI: 10.2304/forum.2008.50.2.163


Like following life thro' creatures you dissect

You lose it in the moment you detect

Alexander Pope, Moral Essays

It is unlikely that anyone reading this issue of FORUM will not have a view about school size. Recent press coverage might suggest that this is a new debate. However, it comes as no surprise that the issue was well aired in an edition of FORUM published over 30 years ago. In an article headlined 'In Defence of Large Schools', Clyde Chitty, then second deputy head of a comprehensive school in south-east London, argued that 'our current preoccupation with the size of school issue is little more than thinly-disguised political propaganda, aimed at discrediting the comprehensive reform ... If big schools can be shown to be bad, ipso facto comprehensive schools are bad'.

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SHEILA DAINTON (2008) Editorial. School Size: deepening the debate, FORUM, 50(2), 163-166. https://doi.org/10.2304/forum.2008.50.2.163

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