How 'Edu-babble' Turns Pupils into 'Customers'

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 51 Number 3 (2009)

How 'Edu-babble' Turns Pupils into 'Customers'
CLYDE CHITTY pages 395-396
DOI: 10.2304/forum.2009.51.3.395


The Report of the Nuffield Review of 14-19 education, described by its Lead Director Professor Richard Pring of Oxford University in the last number of FORUM (Volume 51, Number 2, highlights the increasing use of what can be described as 'edu-dabble' by sectors of the education establishment.

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CLYDE CHITTY (2009) How 'Edu-babble' Turns Pupils into 'Customers', FORUM, 51(3), 395-396.

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