Towards Whole System Improvement

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 54 Number 3 (2012)

Towards Whole System Improvement
RON GLATTER pages 411-416
DOI: 10.2304/forum.2012.54.3.411


The relationship between academies, and school autonomy more generally, and the wider system is a crucial issue in the battle to improve school-level education. International experience indicates that emphasising choice and competition to drive improvement is not effective and that changing structures does not yield better results for students. A whole system approach is required based on a strong and democratic multi-level infrastructure of support and a common administrative and legal framework underpinned by the principles of public not contract law.

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RON GLATTER (2012) Towards Whole System Improvement, FORUM, 54(3), 411-416.

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