FORUM Volume 59 (2017) Issue 1

ISSN 0963-8253


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For Michael Armstrong

Editorial. For Michael Armstrong, and a tribute by Clyde Chitty, pages 3‑9
CLYDE CHITTY Free to download

The Guardian Obituary, pages 11‑13
MICHAEL FIELDING Free to download

Dear Michael ..., pages 15‑18
STEPHEN ROWLAND Free to download

Learning from Michael, pages 19‑21
COURTNEY CAZDEN Free to download

Michael Armstrong's Pedagogy of the Imagination, pages 23‑34

Invisible Cities of Strength, pages 35‑37
LAURA BENTON Free to download

More Radical, More Gentle, More Delighted, pages 39‑42
SARAH GETCHELL Free to download

Appointment to Harwell: a close run thing, pages 43‑44
JOHN COE Free to download

An Inspirational Head Teacher and Friend, pages 45‑47
JENNY GILES Free to download

Working with Michael at Harwell School, pages 49‑50
DAVID COX Free to download

Following Michael, pages 51‑52
PETER CANSELL Free to download

Michael Armstrong: a continuing conversation, pages 53‑60
JENIFER SMITH Free to download

A Great Debt, pages 61‑62
PETER HOLLIS Free to download

A Tolstoyan at Countesthorpe, pages 63‑64
LIZ FLETCHER Free to download

The Canary, the Curriculum and the Pupil's Choice, pages 65‑66
BARRY DUFOUR Free to download

For Michael, pages 67‑68
LESLEY KING Free to download

Re-reading Closely Observed Children, pages 69‑76
JOHN MORGAN Free to download

On re-reading Closely Observed Children, pages 77‑84
MARY JANE DRUMMOND Free to download

What Michael Knew: reflections on a conversation, , pages 85‑94
STEVE SEIDEL Free to download

Remembering Michael: inspired conversations, pages 95‑101
MARY GUERRERO Free to download

An Article; a Speech; an Address: three texts, pages 103‑111
MICHAEL ARMSTRONG Free to download

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