The Necessity of Reforming Britain's Private Schools

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 61 Number 2 (2019)

The Necessity of Reforming Britain's Private Schools
DOI: 10.15730/forum.2019.61.2.281


The existence of extremely expensive private schools - about one in 10 of all our schools - presents a major problem for Britain's education system. A new public education system could not coexist with the current, unreformed private school system; therefore, reform is a necessary condition for this project. Private schools are, on the whole, good schools, owing their successes largely to a massive resource input, some three times that of the state sector. But this distortion of our educational resources is enormously unjust, as well as inefficient and supportive of a democratic deficit in British society. Some solutions are noted; while not dogmatic about which should be adopted, the authors explain why their preferred solution is a partial integration of the sectors, in particular what they term a 'Fair Access Scheme'.

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FRANCIS GREEN, DAVID KYNASTON (2019) The Necessity of Reforming Britain's Private Schools, FORUM, 61(2), 281-288.

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