Love's place in school education

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 63 Number 1 (2021)

Love's place in school education
JOHN WHITE pages 146-158
DOI: 10.3898/forum.2021.63.1.17


This paper is about the place that love of the activities they engage in has in a student's school education. After examining what it is to love an activity, the discussion turns to its place in school education as it might be. Given the role of human flourishing in the school's overall aims, the paper looks first at how this is related to love. It then argues that one task of the school should be to reveal to students the many forms of activities they may choose to love and to encourage them in the choices they make. A final section contrasts this account with a snapshot of the place of love in the work-oriented schools that we have today, and makes some final suggestions about possibilities, at a time when paid work is about to get harder to find, for pursuing activities that one loves.

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JOHN WHITE (2021) Love's place in school education, FORUM, 63(1), 146-158.

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