Using a witch’s hat to avoid ‘the approved pattern’

FORUM - ISSN 0963-8253
Volume 65 Number 2 (2023)

Using a witch’s hat to avoid ‘the approved pattern’
Rosie Moore, Alison Hermon pages 10-21
DOI: 10.3898/forum.2023.65.2.02


In this article we share the work we have done as teacher educators in developing a third-year undergraduate module which nurtures our students to develop their own pedagogic vision and to consider themselves ‘change agents’ able to orient themselves within social and political structures rather than merely adapting to the status quo. We locate our pedagogical approach within the current policy context where the core content framework (CCF) is required as the minimum entitlement for all teachers. We conclude with the notion that the positioning of pupils, teachers and teacher educators as ‘subjects’ offers hope in collectively and quietly resisting a pedagogy and curriculum which appears to offer a limited way of being in the world. 

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Rosie Moore, Alison Hermon (2023) Using a witch’s hat to avoid ‘the approved pattern’, FORUM, 65(2), 10-21.

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