New Formations Volume 1995 Issue 27

ISSN 0950-2378

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Performance Matters


Editorial: Performance matters, pages ‑
Simon Frith lock_openFree to download

The perfect performance of music and the perfect musical performance, pages ‑
Lydia Goehr

Music minus one: rock, theory and performance, pages ‑
Nicholas Cook

'Alaturka fantasies': deceit, the voice and the arabesk stage in Turkey, pages ‑
Martin Stokes

From 'messin' around' to 'funky western civilization': the rise and fall of dance instruction songs, pages ‑
Sally Banes, John F. Szwed

'When the big time comes': the case of Frank Norman, pages ‑
John Stokes

Embodying the nation: gender and performance in women's fiction, pages ‑
Gill Frith

Television performance: being, acting and 'corpsing', pages ‑
Karen Lury

X amount of sat siri akal! Apache indian reggae music and the cultural intermezzo, pages ‑
Les Back

Reviews, pages ‑
Trudi Tate, Sean Nixon, Michael Wyeld lock_openFree to download

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