New Formations Volume 1996 Issue 29

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Technoscience, pages ‑
Jody Berland, Sarah Kember lock_openFree to download

Cyberfeminism with a difference, pages ‑
Rosi Braidotti

The European network, pages ‑
Andrew Barry

The Darwin machine: artificial life and interactive art, pages ‑
Simon Penny

Digital Darwin: nature, evolution and control in the rhetoric of electronic communication, pages ‑
Tiziana Terranova

Chaos theory, marxism and literary history, pages ‑
Sue Owen

The secret of life: informatics and the popular discourse of the life code, pages ‑
Janine Marchessault

Reviews, pages ‑
Norman Crowther, Richard Tutton lock_openFree to download

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