New Formations Volume 1999 Issue 38

ISSN 0950-2378

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Hating Tradition Properly


Editorial: Hating tradition properly, pages ‑
Scott McCracken, Antony Rowland lock_openFree to download

'Hating tradition properly', pages ‑
Neil Lazarus

Post-apartheid reason: critical theory in South Africa, pages ‑
Graham Pechey

Adorno and the question of Schubert's sexuality, pages ‑
Andrew Edgar

After 'His Master's Voice', pages ‑
Barbara Engh

The cultural legacy of critical theory, pages ‑
Herbert Schnädelbach

The Frankfurt school, the father and the social fantasy, pages ‑
Sean Homer

Flaneur or flaneuse?: Mythologies of modernity, pages ‑
Deborah Parsons

The return of the flaneur: the afterlife of an allegory, pages ‑
Graham Gilloch

Space and West End girls: Walter Benjamin versus cultural studies, pages ‑
Esther Leslie

Mosaics of omnivorousness: middle-class youth and popular culture, pages ‑
Eamonn Carrabine, Brian Longhurst

Despairing of happiness: the redeeming dialectic of critical theory, pages ‑
Kate Soper

Reviews, pages ‑
Andrew Blake, Martin McQuillan lock_openFree to download

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