New Formations Volume 2004 Issue 54

ISSN 0950-2378

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Reading Benjamin's Arcades


Editorial: Reading Benjamin's Arcades, pages ‑
Merrick Burrow, Gary Farnell, Mick Jardine lock_openFree to download

Stars, phosphor and chemical colours: extraterrestriality in the arcades, pages ‑
Esther Leslie

Benjamin's redemptive politics: ruins or debris in the sacred jungle, pages ‑
Derek Bunyard

The aporias of theory: negotiating the dialectical image in Walter Benjamin's Arcades project, pages ‑
Adam W. Chalmers

The Arcades Project: a Talmud for our times, pages ‑
Bram Mertens

Glass before its time, premature iron: the unforseeable futures of technology in Benjamin's Arcades Project, pages ‑
Graham Mcphee

Iron construction: the physiognomy of the modern unconscious in Benjamin's Arcades Project, pages ‑
Virginia Liberatore

Dialectical fairyland, cosmic advertising and the mimetic faculty in the Arcades Project, pages ‑
Merrick Burrow

Arcadian children: Benjamin, Fourier and the child of The Arcades, pages ‑
Maeve Pearson

From 'Passage' to 'Parly 2': commodity culture in Benjamin and Baudrillard, pages ‑
Graeme Gilloch, Tim Dant

Textual debaucheries and the flâneur: prostitution as critique of bourgeois discourse in Walter Benjamin's the arcades project, pages ‑
Janet McCabe

Reviews, pages ‑
Matt Ffytche, Tiziana Terranova, Alasdair Pettinger lock_openFree to download

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