New Formations Volume 2005 Issue 55

ISSN 0950-2378

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Foucault Talk


Editorial: Foucault talk, pages ‑
Scott McCracken lock_openFree to download

Foucault recalled: interview with Michel Foucault, pages ‑
Frank Mort, Roy Peters

Foucault and extradiscursive sexuality, pages ‑
Christopher Lane

Foucault, sexuality, liberalism: a commentary, pages ‑
David Glover

Still thinking differently: Foucault twenty years on, pages ‑

Impersonal friends: Foucault, Guibert and an ethics of discomfort, pages ‑
Tom Roach

Queer cosmopolitanism: place, politics, citizenship and Queer as Folk, pages ‑
David Alderson

W.G. Sebald: invisible and intangible forces, pages ‑
John Marks

Ascetism against colour, or modernism, abstractions and the lateness of Beckett, pages ‑
David Cunningham

'The situation is really terrible there': terrorism, site specificty and ethical response in the artistic practice of Alia Hasan-Khan, pages ‑
Stephen Morton

Interview with S.I. Martin, pages ‑
Christopher Campbell, Leila Kamali

'Circular talk': the social city and Atlantic slave routes in S.I. Martin's incomparable world, pages ‑
Leila Kamali

Writing, representation and rescue: narrating an eighteenth-century history in S.I. Martin's incomparable world, pages ‑
Christopher Campbell

The hidden powers of injury, pages ‑
Lynne Segal

Reviews, pages ‑
Sue Vice, Caren Irr, Ben Highmore lock_openFree to download

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