New Formations Volume 2006 Issue 58

ISSN 0950-2378

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Of Borders and Discos


Editorial: Of borders and discos, pages ‑
David Glover, Scott McCracken lock_openFree to download

Étienne Balibar, pages ‑
William Outhwaite

Borders, citizenship, war, class: a discussion with Étienne Balibar and Sandro Mezzadra, pages ‑
Manuela Bojadzijev, Isabelle Saint-saëns

The state (and society) of Europe, pages ‑
William Outhwaite

Only aporias to offer? Étienne Balibar 's politics and the ambiguity of war, pages ‑
Claudia Aradau

Borders and the boundaries of democracy, pages ‑
Iain Chambers

Beyond liberal democracy: Slavoj Zizek's and the politics of ideology critique, pages ‑
Fabio Vighi, Heiko Feldner

The postcolonial everyday, pages ‑
James Procter

Paul Auster's cinematographic fictions: against the ontology of the present, pages ‑
Timothy Bewes

In defence of 'in defense of disco', pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert

In defense of disco, pages ‑
Richard Dyer

Dyer and Deleuze: post-structuralist cultural criticism, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert

In defence of disco (again), pages ‑
Tim Lawrence

Reviews, pages ‑
Graeme Gilloch, Mara Mills, Michael Pickering, William H. Thornton, Melissa Gregg lock_openFree to download

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