New Formations Volume 2008 Issue 65

ISSN 0950-2378

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After '68: The Left and 21st Century Political Projects


Editorial: After '68, pages ‑
Kirsten Campbell, Brett St Louis lock_openFree to download

The politics of radical immanence: May 1968 as an event, pages ‑
Rosi Braidotti

After '68: narratives of the new capitalism, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert

Humanism and cosmopolitanism after '68, pages ‑
Lorenzo C. Simpson

New manifestations: Paris, Seattle and after, pages ‑
Fran Tonkiss

Be realistic: demand the impossible, pages ‑
Ruth Levitas

Review essay: beginnings and ends: for, against and beyond '68, pages ‑
Alberto Toscano

Late Jameson, or, after the eternity of the present, pages ‑
Alexander Dunst

Art and empire: on oil, antiquities, and the war in Iraq, pages ‑
Saloni Mathur

Reviews, pages ‑
Peter Marcuse lock_openFree to download

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