New Formations Volume 2012 Issue 76

ISSN 0950-2378


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The Animals Turn

Legs in Lukacs, pages ‑
Katie Terezakis

Editorial: The Animals Turn, pages ‑
Wendy Wheeler, Linda Williams Free to download

Modernity, Humans and Animals - Tensions in the Field of the Technical-Industrial Imaginary, pages ‑
John Rundell Free to download

Darwin and Derida on human and animal emotions: the question of shame as a measure of ontological difference, pages ‑
Linda Williams

Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and the question of biological continuism, pages ‑
Louise Westling

Animals in biopolitical theory: between Agamben and Negri, pages ‑
Matthew Chrulew

Turning to animals between love and law, pages ‑
Anat Pick

Renaissance animal things, pages ‑
Erica Fudge

Cosmopolitics: the kiss of life, pages ‑
Deborah Bird Rose

The Anguish of Wildlife Ethics, pages ‑
Freya Mathews Free to download

Reviews and Booknotes, pages ‑
Katie Terezakis, Martha McCaughey, Lynne Pearce, Anastasia Valassopoulos Free to download

Medium Jam, pages ‑

Feminism Untold, pages ‑
Lynne Pearce

Beyond Al-Jazeera, pages ‑
Anastasia Valassopoulos

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