New Formations Volume 2012 Issue 77

ISSN 0950-2378

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Bernard Stiegler: Technics, Politics, Individuation


Editorial, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert, Ben Roberts lock_openFree to download

Technics, individuation and tertiary memory: Bernard Stiegler's challenge to media theory, pages ‑
Ben Roberts

Enchantment, disenchantment, re-enchantment: toward a critical politics of re-individuation, pages ‑
Stephen Barker

Technics beyond the temporal object, pages ‑
Mark B.N. Hansen

The reality of real time, pages ‑
Judith Wambacq, Bart Buseyne

The forgetting of aesthetics: individuation, technology, and aesthetics in the work of Bernard Stiegler, pages ‑
Bram Ieven

Editing (and) individuation, pages ‑
Patrick Crogan

Life and thought in the rushes: mnemotechnics and orthographic temporal objects in the philosophy of Bernard Stiegler, pages ‑
Marcel Swiboda

Proletarianisation, pages ‑
John Hutnyk

Antagonism and technicity: Bernard Stiegler on eris, stasis and polemos, pages ‑
Oliver Marchart

A Rational Theory of Miracles: on Pharmacology, Transindividuation, an Interview with Bernard Stiegler, pages ‑
Bernard Stiegler, Ben Roberts, Jeremy Gilbert, Mark Hayward lock_openFree to download

Reviews, pages ‑
Nicholas Thoburn, James Graham, Keya Ganguly, Paul Bowman, Babacar M'Baye lock_openFree to download

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