New Formations Volume 2017 Issue 92

ISSN 0950-2378


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Posthuman Temporalities

Editorial: Posthuman Temporalities, pages ‑
Manuela Rossini, Michael Toggweiler Free to download

Time unshackled, pages ‑
Jean-Paul Martinon

Timing sex in the age of digital reproduction: Gerard & Kelly's kisses, pages ‑
Elizabeth Freeman

Liberating clocks: Developing a critical horology to rethink the potential of clock time, pages ‑
Michelle Bastian

Troubling time/s and ecologies of nothingness: re-turning, re-membering, and facing the incalculable, pages ‑
Karen Barad Free to download

Timing rice: an inquiry into more-than-human temporalities of the Anthropocene, pages ‑
Elaine Gan

Anti-catastrophic time, pages ‑
Claire Colebrook

Reviews, pages ‑
Franziska Aigner, Jonathan Beever, Martin Paul Eve, Griselda Pollock Free to download

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