New Formations Volume 2021 Issue 104 & 105

ISSN 0950-2378

Animism in a planetary frame


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Editorial, pages 4‑14
Sam Durrant, Philip Dickinson Free to download

We’re all vermin: Tactical predation, interspecies media arts and perspectivism, pages 15‑29
Bogna Konior Free to download

Animist Time and the White Anthropocene, pages 30‑49
Jason Allen-Paisant Free to download

Critical Spirits: New Animism as Historical Materialism, pages 50‑76
Sam Durrant

Dispossessing Animism: Zong! and Spiritual Baptism, pages 77‑104
Philip Dickinson

Asbestos’s Animacy; or, Salamander Cotton, pages 105‑127
Arthur Rose Free to download

Practical Magic: Shapeshifting as Survival Tactic, pages 128‑158
Brendon Nicholls

The Animism of Belief: How to Merge with Others, pages 159‑182
Christopher Bracken

Hybrid Animism: The Sensing Surfaces of Planetary Computation, pages 183‑197
Betti Marenko

From the Analysis of Animism to the Practice of Animacy as Politics, pages 198‑213
Russell West-Pavlov

Manimism: Worrying about the Relationship between Rationality and Animism, pages 214‑237
James Burton

The Postsecret Society, pages 238‑242
John Beck Free to download

Theorising Trans Liberation, pages 243‑246
Sabine Sharp Free to download

A politics of the present?, pages 247‑249
James Ash Free to download

Consenting the Change, pages 250‑251
Lottie Hazell Free to download

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