New Formations Volume 2021 Issue 104 & 105

ISSN 0950-2378

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Animism in a planetary frame


Editorial, pages 4‑14
Sam Durrant, Philip Dickinson lock_openFree to download

We’re all vermin: Tactical predation, interspecies media arts and perspectivism, pages 15‑29
Bogna Konior lock_openFree to download

Animist Time and the White Anthropocene, pages 30‑49
Jason Allen-Paisant lock_openFree to download

Critical Spirits: New Animism as Historical Materialism, pages 50‑76
Sam Durrant

Dispossessing Animism: Zong! and Spiritual Baptism, pages 77‑104
Philip Dickinson

Asbestos’s Animacy; or, Salamander Cotton, pages 105‑127
Arthur Rose lock_openFree to download

Practical Magic: Shapeshifting as Survival Tactic, pages 128‑158
Brendon Nicholls

The Animism of Belief: How to Merge with Others, pages 159‑182
Christopher Bracken

Hybrid Animism: The Sensing Surfaces of Planetary Computation, pages 183‑197
Betti Marenko

From the Analysis of Animism to the Practice of Animacy as Politics, pages 198‑213
Russell West-Pavlov

Manimism: Worrying about the Relationship between Rationality and Animism, pages 214‑237
James Burton

The Postsecret Society, pages 238‑242
John Beck lock_openFree to download

Theorising Trans Liberation, pages 243‑246
Sabine Sharp lock_openFree to download

A politics of the present?, pages 247‑249
James Ash lock_openFree to download

Consenting the Change, pages 250‑251
Lottie Hazell lock_openFree to download

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