Renewal Volume 25 (2017) Issue 3-4

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial: ready for government?, pages ‑
Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, James Stafford Free to download

The revolt of the ‘squeezed middle’: Why new cross-society coalitions in British politics are now possible, pages ‑
Lorenza Antonucci Free to download

The new economy, social change, and polarised places: A changed terrain for British politics, pages ‑
Gerry Stoker, Will Jennings

All out war? Brexit, voting and the production of division, pages ‑
Cathy Elliott Free to download

Corbyn’s Labour and the populism question, pages ‑
Bice Maiguashca, Jonathan Dean

Labour’s Programme and EU Law, pages ‑
Andy Tarrant, Andrea Biondi

Hope amidst despair? Stuart Holland on Brexit, Europe and Labour’s new economics, in conversation with Martin O’Neill, pages ‑
Stuart Holland, Martin O'Neill Free to download

Fragmentation and decline? The UK and the global trading system after Brexit, pages ‑
Silke Trommer Free to download

Conference conversations: Alex Sobel, Monique Charles, Li Andersson, and Mat Lawrence, pages ‑
Monique Charles, Mat Lawrence, Li Anderssen, Alex Sobel

Protecting the legacy: developing a Labour vision for health and social care, pages ‑
Sarah Hutchinson Free to download

Tory ideology and social policy under Theresa May: Current and future directions, pages ‑
Ben Williams

Tuition fees and the neoliberal university: Responding to the 2017 Higher Education and Research Act, pages ‑
Simon Choat

Speenhamland, automation and the basic income: A warning from history?, pages ‑
Frederick Harry Pitts, Lorena Lombardozzi, Neil Warner Free to download

Platform co-operativism: review essay, pages ‑
David Jacobs

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