Power, Brexit, gender, tech

Renewal - ISSN 0968-5211
Volume 26 Number 4 (2018)

Power, Brexit, gender, tech
Michael Jacobs, Carys Roberts, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, James Stafford, pages -


The IPPR’s Commission on Economic Justice published its final report, Prosperity and Justice, on 5 September 2018. Based on two years of research, and led by a group of twenty-two Commissioners from across business, trade unions, activism, churches and academia, the report is a uniquely authoritative statement of an emerging new paradigm in British economic policy. The report sets out an analysis of the deep-seated problems with the UK’s economy, and offers a transformative plan to ‘hard-wire’ justice and sustainability into Britain’s economic model. Michael Jacobs was director of the Commission, and Carys Roberts one of its principal researchers. Renewal caught up with both of them to discuss the politics of the report: its scope, aims, omissions, and underlying sensibilities.

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