Renewal Volume 29 (2021) Issue 2

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial: At sea, pages 5‑9
Jonathan Rutherford lock_openFree to download

How and why the idea of foundational economy is radical, pages 10‑16
Karel Williams

How and why the idea of a national economy is radical , pages 17‑22
David Edgerton

Political economy and Labour’s factionalism, pages 23‑31
Christine Berry lock_openFree to download

Labour and the environment: An historical perspective, pages 32‑38
Mitya Pearson

‘Eyes wide open to the context of content’: Reimagining the hate speech policies of social media platforms through a substantive equality lens, pages 39‑51
Louisa Bartolo

Resource allocation in the NHS: Shifting the balance towards the community, pages 52‑62
Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne, Linda Patterson, Jill Manthorpe

‘Alternative facts’, scientific claims and political action, pages 63‑72
Patrick Thaddeus Jackson lock_openFree to download

The politics of anti-populism, pages 73‑80
Lewis Bassett

The future of the union, pages 81‑90
Pauline Bryan lock_openFree to download

Review article: The case for Scottish Labour?, pages 91‑95
Alex Campsie

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