Renewal Volume 29 (2021) Issue 2

ISSN 0968-5211


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Editorial: At sea, pages 5‑9
Jonathan Rutherford Free to download

How and why the idea of foundational economy is radical, pages 10‑16
Karel Williams

How and why the idea of a national economy is radical , pages 17‑22
David Edgerton

Political economy and Labour’s factionalism, pages 23‑31
Christine Berry Free to download

Labour and the environment: An historical perspective, pages 32‑38
Mitya Pearson

‘Eyes wide open to the context of content’: Reimagining the hate speech policies of social media platforms through a substantive equality lens, pages 39‑51
Louisa Bartolo

Resource allocation in the NHS: Shifting the balance towards the community, pages 52‑62
Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne, Linda Patterson, Jill Manthorpe

‘Alternative facts’, scientific claims and political action, pages 63‑72
Patrick Thaddeus Jackson Free to download

The politics of anti-populism, pages 73‑80
Lewis Bassett

The future of the union, pages 81‑90
Pauline Bryan Free to download

Review article: The case for Scottish Labour?, pages 91‑95
Alex Campsie

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