How does Labour become the party of the countryside?

Renewal - ISSN 0968-5211
Volume 29 Number 3 (2021)

How does Labour become the party of the countryside?
Luke Pollard MP pages 11-17


A new divide is opening up between Conservatives and the countryside. Labour is well placed to seize this terrain.

Labour has a mountain to climb to win the next General Election. It is a task that we cannot escape or run from. We need new ways of working and new thinking.

To win a majority of just one, Labour will need to gain 126 seats, and to do that we will need to construct the broadest electoral coalition of any winning party in my adult life. It means winning back trust in communities in Scotland, across the North and the Midlands, beating newly elected Tories in red wall seats, taking back North Wales and winning those elusive marginal contests the nation over. And yes, it also means winning seats in rural communities the party has not won in years. We each have a role to play in building that broad electoral coalition, and winning more Labour votes in rural communities is mine.

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