Renewal Volume 29 (2021) Issue 3

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial, pages 5‑10
Cathy Elliott lock_openFree to download

How does Labour become the party of the countryside?, pages 11‑17
Luke Pollard MP lock_openFree to download

Beyond the big cities: Labour’s offer to towns, rural and coastal communities , pages 18‑25
Steve Bassam, Barbara Young

Labour’s rural challenge, pages 26‑35
Ben Cooper

Shared assets: inclusiveness, agroecology and municipal ownership in land use, pages 36‑45
Kate Swade lock_openFree to download

Post-Brexit food and rural affairs policy: a farmer’s view, pages 46‑51
Richard Bramley

‘Making do’ and ‘making-with’: A politics of compassion in the English countryside, pages 52‑55
Alex Darby lock_openFree to download

Red Walls, green walls: British Identity, rural racism and British colonial history , pages 56‑61
Corinne Fowler lock_openFree to download

The Road to Scotish Labour’s recovery?, pages 62‑72
Dexter Govan

Is there hope for the West Country? Political sentiment amongst rural voters , pages 73‑83
Tabitha A Baker

Social and community infrastructure: Lessons from Co Durham, pages 84‑90
Lucy Natarajan, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, John Tomaney

Constitutional change: rediscovering localism, pages 91‑100
John Tomaney

Labour and life beyond cities: Towards a Social Democratic Manifesto for Non-Metropolitan Britain, pages 101‑109
Neil Ward

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