Soundings Volume 2001 Issue 17

ISSN 1362-6620

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New Political Directions


Editorial: Inclusive Citizenship, pages ‑
Sarah Benton lock_openFree to download

New wars, new peace movements, pages ‑
Giulio Marcon, Mario Pianta

The Philosopher-Politican of Venice: An Interview with Massimo Cacciari, pages ‑
Massimo Cacciari, Yvon le Bot, Marco Semo, Anna Spadolini

Sex on the left, pages ‑
Sue Tibballs

The capital market business: Pensions and the new cold war, pages ‑
Richard Minns

The commonsense revolution in Canada: En route to Smith Square, pages ‑
Ian Taylor

The political deployment of race/ism: 'One America' and the strange election of George W. Bush, pages ‑
John O. Calmore

Five poems, pages ‑
Paul Allen, Catherine Byron, Michael Laskey, Frances Wilson

Budapest's Statue Park: Memorial or Counter-Monument?, pages ‑
Judith Rugg, Michele Sedgwick

Working at Sharpshock: A prison for young offenders, pages ‑
Ruby Millington

A twentieth century life, pages ‑
Merilyn Moos

Reviews, pages ‑
Fergus Crow, Jane Desmarais, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Introduction, pages ‑
Sarah Benton lock_openFree to download

Rethinking 'Global' City Centres: A Rejoinder to Henry and Passmore, pages ‑
Jon Bloomfield

'Boosterism of the Peoples': Multicultural Economic Development and Globalisation from Below, pages ‑
Nick Henry

'Doing' Regeneration: Evidence from England's Second Cities, pages ‑
Kevin Ward

The Politics of Flow: On Birmingham, Globalisation and Competitiveness, pages ‑
Phil Hubbard

Rerum cognoscere causas, pages ‑
David Donnison

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