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Soundings offers committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a wide range of contemporary political and cultural debates. It was founded twenty years ago by Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin. 

The journal’s theoretical framework is broadly based on the traditions of the New Left and the Gramscian tradition, but it also draws on emerging ideas from contemporary movements and cultural politics, especially ideas about intersectionality.

Editorial Collective
Sally Davison (convenor)
David Featherstone
Kirsten Forkert
Deborah Grayson
Ben Little
Jo Littler
Marina Prentoulis
Michael Rustin
Bill Schwarz

Editorial Advisors
Nick Beech | Beatrix Campbell | Sirio Canos Donnay | John Clarke | Madeleine Davies | Natalie Fenton | Alan Finlayson | Paolo Gerbaudo | Jeremy Gilbert | Eliane Glaser | Priya Gopal | Jamie Hakim | Hannah Hamad | Gerry Hassan | Tony Jefferson | Lazaros Karaliotas | Neal Lawson | James Marriot | Angela McRobbie | Chantal Mouffe | Roshi Naidoo | Janet Newman | Alan O’Shea | Karen Patel | Adam Ramsay | Antje Scharenberg | Ash Sharma | David Wearing | Alison Winch | Gary Younge | Nira Yuval-Davis

‘Willing to ask the biggest questions, but always rooted in the here and now: it’s a vital link between the tradition of progressive thought in Britain and the futures which all of us are working for’. Jeremy Gilbert

‘That rare forum which brings together critical thought and transformative action – always in informed and stimulating ways.’ Priya Gopal

‘..nourishes public intellectual space – without it our public culture would be diminished.’ Tariq Modood

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