Soundings Volume 2024 Issue 86

ISSN 1362-6620

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The past and present of Eurocommunism


Introduction: Eurocommunism: when the past and present of the European left meet, pages 4‑13
Marina Prentoulis lock_openFree to download

Podemos, Sumar and the return of Eurocommunism: the real, the radical and the populist left, pages 20‑38
Oscar García Agustín lock_openFree to download
Is it possible to create a majoritarian left without lapsing into reformism?

Eurocommunism’s contribution to the idea of ‘democracy without qualifying adjectives’, pages 39‑48
Óscar García Agustín talks to Gaspar Llamazares

Eurocommunism: The rise and fall of a hopeful project, pages 49‑70
Andrea Donofrio
Eurocommunism at first seemed to offer a strategy for renewal, but by the mid-1980s its momentum had dissipated.

Interview with Nicos Poulantzas, April 1979, pages 71‑91
Nicos Poulantzas talks to Stuart Hall and Alan Hunt. New introduction by Dave Featherstone and Lazaros Karaliotas
New introduction by Dave Featherstone and Lazaros Karaliotas

Reflections on Eurocommunism in the UK, pages 92‑104
Sally Davison
Eurocommunism could not save the CPGB, but the concept of the broad democratic alliance still has importance

Urban communist politics of the everyday in Graz, Austria, pages 105‑118
Rivka Saltiel, Matthias Naumann, Anke Strüver
The everyday communist politics of local politicians in Graz offers a potential way forward for the left more broadly

Something about Burnley? Political dynamics in Labour’s ‘most winnable’ target seat, pages 119‑135
Mike Makin-Waite lock_openFree to download
Do reactions to the onslaught on Gaza in a northern English town signal any wider political realignment in ‘red wall’ constituencies?

Law and order: what can we expect from an incoming Labour government?, pages 136‑148
Kirsten Forkert talks to Kevin Blowe, campaigns coordinator of Netpol
A Starmer-led government is unlikely to deviate from the mainstream-constructed consensus on policing

Reviews, pages 149‑158
lock_openFree to download

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