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A selection of free-to-view articles from past issues

‘Something about Burnley’: Political dynamics in Labour’s ‘most winnable’ target seat
Mike Makin-Waite (2024)
What do reactions to the onslaught on Gaza in a northern English town signal about wider political realignments in ‘red wall’ constituencies?

Law and order: what can we expect from an incoming Labour government? 
Kirsten Forkert talks to Kevin Blowe, campaigns coordinator of Netpol(2024)
A Starmer-led government is unlikely to deviate from the mainstream-constructed consensus on policing

Higher education policy and a future Labour government: distinguishing the probable from the possible
Howard Stevenson (2023)
Labour’s current plans for universities are unpromising but transformation is never impossible

New management, old energy: The UK Labour party’s revanchist energy policy
Gareth Fearn (2023)
Why an energy policy trapped in neoliberal ideology cannot succeed

Levelling up versus democratic localism 
Rhian E. Jones (2022)
Democratic localism offers a strategy for addressing regional equality to which the Labour leadership should pay more attention

Regional inequalities and the collapse of Labour's ‘Red Wall’ (2020)
Danny MacKinnon 
The shift away from Labour in some of its traditional constituencies should be understood in the broader context of regional inequality 

Editorial: exhilarating times
Doreen Massey (2015)
‘We are not talking here of already achieved political gains … But seeds are being sown. There is somehow a feeling of possibility.’

New Labour's double-shuffle
Stuart Hall (2003)
Stuart Hall looks at key elements in New Labour’s adaption of the neo-liberal agenda

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