Editorial: exhilarating times

Soundings - ISSN 1362-6620
Volume 2015 Number 61

Editorial: exhilarating times
Doreen Massey, pages -


Soundings has been arguing for a long time that Labour should ‘take a leap’, that it should challenge the dominant terms of debate: that, rather than accepting the established political terrain, it should be marking out distinctive territory of its own. Just before the last election we bemoaned the party’s lack of inspiration, arguing that this was a ‘moment crying out for some political bravery’.

The whole point of Soundings’ After Neoliberalism? The Kilburn Manifesto, likewise, has been to argue the political necessity of challenging the currently hegemonic common sense and to establish new ground. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the party may herald the possibility of such a brave leap, and so we welcome it enthusiastically. But, as we also reflected in Issue 59, ‘being politically brave is a gamble … and like any gamble it may not pay off’ (p7). We are currently in the choppy waters of precisely such a gamble and it is engrossing. These are exhilarating times. […]

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