Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2009 Issue 1

ISSN 1758-6437

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Communism and the leader cult


Introduction: stalinism and the barber's chair, pages ‑
Kevin Morgan

Stalinism: workers' cult and cult of leaders, pages ‑
Claude Pennetier, Bernard Pudal

Dead martyrs and living leaders: the cult of the individual within Finnish communism, pages ‑
Tauno Saarela

National traditions and the leader cult in communist Hungary in the early cold war years, pages ‑

Ho Chi Minh: creator or victim of Vietnamese communism?, pages ‑
Sophie Quinn-Judge

'Our only ornament': Tom Mann and British communist 'hagiography', pages ‑
Antony Howe

Re-imagining the cavalier of hope: The Brazilian communist party and the images of Luiz Carlos Prestes, pages ‑
Marco Santana

Construction and deconstruction of a cult: Edgar Lalmand and the Communist Party of Belgium, pages ‑
Jose Gotovitch

Writing the history of twentieth century communism, pages ‑
Peter Beilharz, Kevin McDermott, Bernhard Bayerlein

A man between two worlds? Palmiro Togliatti and the Italian communist party, pages ‑
Linda Risso

'Life according to the principles of the left': an interview with Hermann Weber, pages ‑
Norman LaPorte

'Should we all be on Marx's side?' Contributions of post-marxist discourse theory to the historiography of communism, pages ‑
Antonio Lopes

Reviews, pages ‑

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