Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2014 Issue 7

ISSN 1758-6437

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Exiles and diasporas


Editorial: Exiles and diasporas, pages ‑
lock_openFree to download

Black internationalism, international communism and anti-fascist political trajectories: African American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, pages ‑
David Featherstone lock_openFree to download

German Communists in the Second World War: actors and networks in the struggle against Nazism, pages ‑
Alix Heiniger

The foreign road to the homeland: Paris and the national turn of a Portuguese Communist, pages ‑
Jose Neves

American Finnish emigration to Soviet Karelia: bread, work and broken dreams, pages ‑
Markku Kangaspuro

Spanish communism in exile: the unexpected resolution of the Communist International, pages ‑
Josep Puigsech Farras

Christian anti-communism, pages ‑
Dianne Kirby

A martyr factory? Roman Catholic crusade, Protestant missions and anti-communist propaganda against Soviet anti-religious policies, 1929-37, pages ‑
Stephanie Roulin

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