Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2015 Issue 8

ISSN 1758-6437

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Editorial: General issue, pages ‑
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'Esteemed Comintern!': The Communist International and World-Revolutionary Charisma in Early Soviet Society, pages ‑
Gleb Albert

Socialist and communist networks and representatives in Brittany: comparisons and reflections (1920-1989), pages ‑
Francois Prigent

A Small Revolution: Family, Sex and the Communist Youth of Chile during the Allende Years (1970-1973), pages ‑
Alfonso Salgado lock_openFree to download

Communism in Scandinavia, pages ‑
Tauno Saarela

Historiography of the Russian Provisional Government 1917 in the USSR, pages ‑
Ian Thatcher

The International Union of Seamen and Harbour Workers (ISH) 1930-1937: interclubs and transnational aspects, pages ‑
Constance Margain

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