Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2017 Issue 12

ISSN 1758-6437

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Communism and the written word


Editorial: Communism's print culture, pages ‑
Ben Harker Free to download

‘The voice speaking, desired, awaited’: Jack Lindsay’s 1649, textual form and communist historiography, pages ‑
Elinor Taylor

‘And the lives are many’: the print culture of Australian Communism, pages ‑
Anthony Ashbolt, Rowan Cahill

Translation and ideology in post-war Italy: left-wing publishers and the Italian Communist Party, pages ‑
Mila Milani

British Communism, periodicals and comprehensive education, 1920-56, pages ‑
Matthew Kavanagh Free to download

Number crunching the engineers of human souls: Polish writers as a social group, pages ‑
Carl Tighe

‘Polemics pertinent at the time of publication’: Georg Lukács, International Literature, and the Popular Front, pages ‑
Glyn Salton-Cox

Swedish communism in print, 1917–45, pages ‑
Kristin Ewins

‘The vicious circle’: communist cartooning, internationalism & print culture, 1917-25, pages ‑
Samuel S Hyde

Review, pages ‑
Ben Harker

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