FORUM Volume 43 (2001) Issue 3

ISSN 0963-8253

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Editorial, pages 113‑114
Clyde Chitty

IQ, Racism and the Eugenics Movement, pages 115‑119
Clyde Chitty

Who has the Authority to Inspect Schools?, pages 120‑123
Colin Richards

OFSTED Inspection and School Improvement, pages 124‑126
Douglas Newton, Ian Shaw, Ross Darnell, Murray Aitkin

Beacon Schools: New Labour education policy in a nutshell, pages 127‑130
David Webster

The Future for Secondary Education, pages 131‑132
John Dunford

Beginning Science Teachers: their views of scientists as revealed through drawings, pages 133‑139
Brian Matthews

Chairs are More Than Just Governors: a radical change to the structure of governing bodies, pages 140‑146
Michael Patrick Watson

Why is the Private School Sector Not Doing Better?, pages 147‑147
Tom Buzzard

Recent Educational Reform in Japan: focusing on the introduction of the 'Period for Integrated Study', pages 148‑150
Minoru Umezawa, Kanae Nishioka

Indian Education in 2001: an overview, pages 151‑152
Shakuntala Banaji

Schooling Citizens: a doomed experiment?, pages 153‑160
Andrew Marks

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