FORUM Volume 46 (2004) Issue 1

ISSN 0963-8253

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Space and Schools


Foreward, pages 1‑1
Doreen Massey

Editorial, pages 2‑5
Jane McGregor

Breaking down the School Walls, pages 6‑6
Matthew Horne

Networked Learning Communities and Out of School Hours Learning: two portraits, pages 7‑8
Kirsten Hill

An Uneasy Future: spatial changes at one school in South Africa, pages 9‑12
Jenni Karlsson

Space Power and the Classroom, pages 13‑18
Jane McGregor

Space, Schools and the Younger Child, pages 19‑23
Annabelle Dixon

Pedagogy in a Public Space: children and adults learning together at Tate Modern, pages 24‑27
Michaela Ross, Roger Hancock, Kate Bagnall

Teachers' Construction of Space and Place: the method in the madness, pages 28‑32
Janice Bissell

Power Relations and Staffroom Spaces, pages 33‑35
Carrie Paechter

Revoicing Classrooms: a spatial manifesto, pages 36‑38
Kenn Fisher

The Use of Space in 21st Century Education Culture: the classrooms and schools of the future - a perspective on policy, pages 39‑40
Helena Campion

User Involvement in School Building Design, pages 41‑43
Sharon Wright

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