FORUM Volume 46 (2004) Issue 2

ISSN 0963-8253

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Editorial, pages 45‑45
Annabelle Dixon

Distinctive Education Policies in Wales, pages 46‑51
Jane Davidson

KS3 SATS: alas, poor country..., pages 52‑55
Patrick Yarker

Personalised Learning, pages 56‑58
Sheila Dainton

Values Education at Greenfield Lower School: the seamless robe, pages 59‑62
Elise Alexander, Diane Thomas

Choice and Diversity of Schooling Provision: does the emperor have any clothes?, pages 63‑69
Ron Glatter

The Small Schools Movement, pages 70‑72
Mary Tasker

Comprehensive Schooling: in need of definition?, pages 73‑76
Natalie Heath

Research with the Pupils 'in the Middle' at KS3 'Levels Just Show How Average You Are', pages 77‑82
Valerie Dagley

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