FORUM Volume 63 (2021) Issue 2

ISSN 0963-8253

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Above and Beyond: Schools and their communities during the pandemic


Editorial, pages 4‑8
Patrick Yarker Free to download

Beyond education by ranking – let’s not return to ‘normal’, pages 9‑19
Phil Taylor Free to download

Against ‘progress’, pages 20‑31
Hilary Povey, Corinne Angier

The Possibility of Change: The Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture 2020, pages 32‑43
Ken Jones

Above and beyond: schools supporting their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic, pages 44‑55
Élise Othacéhé

Learning lessons from the virus: a round-table discussion, pages 56‑73
Melissa Benn, Mary Bousted, Eliane Glaser, Jim Hudson, Patrick Yarker Free to download

‘I no longer trust our son’s school’: Parents resisting the return to face-to-face teaching, pages 74‑88
Lucy Wenham, Iqra Din, Liam Eaves

Back to the future: What a project of the 1990s can tell us about today’s digital divide, pages 89‑97
David Dixon Free to download

Back to the future: remembering extended schools in a post-pandemic world, pages 98‑108
Doug Martin, Peter Moss

From the archive: ‘The myth of giftedness’, pages 109‑130
Caroline Benn

Does teaching racial justice and equity have a place in our schools?, pages 131‑140
Penny Rabiger

London Recruits: how a story of anti-apartheid activism can serve teachers today, pages 141‑147
Steve Marsling, Chris Smith

Organising around ideas: why we need to take the battle of ideas in education more seriously, pages 148‑160
Chloe Tomlinson, Howard Stevenson

The impact of research evidence on education policy: how Members of Parliament respond to evidence in relation to secondary selective education, pages 161‑168
Alan Bainbridge, Joanne Bartley, Tom Troppe

Inspecting for Ofsted: A personal reflection, pages 169‑173
Martin McArthur

Learning lost and found, pages 174‑181
Patrick Yarker

Consumerism and the flourishing life in a climate emergency: some implications for schools, pages 182‑190
John Quicke

Dictatorship of the countable: a poem, pages 191‑191
Catherine Burke

Book Reviews, pages 192‑200
Free to download

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