New Formations Volume 2011 Issue 75

ISSN 0950-2378

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Love, Loss and Revolution


Editorial, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert lock_openFree to download

Repressive desublimation and consumer culture: re-evaluating Herbert Marcuse, pages ‑
Finn Bowring

Monumental memories - Xu Weixin's Chinese historical figures, 1966-1976, pages ‑
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

The war against terror, neo-medievalism, and the Egyptian revolution, pages ‑
Bülent Diken

Night of the unexpected: a critique of the 'uncanny' and its apotheosis within cultural and social theory, pages ‑
Matt fftyche

Socialism from the right?: aesthetics, politics and the counter-revolution in Weimar Germany, pages ‑
Rob Heynen

Late modern subjects of colonial occupation: mobile phones and the rise of neoliberalism in Palestine, pages ‑
Laura Junka-Aikio

Love's unlimited orchestra: overcoming left melancholy via dubstep and microhouse, pages ‑
Andrew Lison

Yes of course, but ... Derrida to Genet on commitment in favour of Jackson, pages ‑
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

Reviews and Booknotes, pages ‑
Ken Hirschkop, James Penney, Teresa Heffernan, Noel Castree, Chiara Certoma lock_openFree to download

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