New Formations Volume 2012 Issue 78

ISSN 0950-2378

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Materialities of Text: Between the Codex and the Net


Editorial: Materialities of text, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert lock_openFree to download

Shelf-life: biopolitics, the new media - archive, and 'paperless' persons, pages ‑
Richard Burt

Black Twitter? Racial Hashtags, Networks and Contagion, pages ‑
Sanjay Sharma lock_openFree to download

On the materiality of contemporary reading formations: the case of Jari Tervo's Layla, pages ‑
Hanna Kuusela

Diagrammatic writing, pages ‑
Johanna Drucker

Working papers in cultural studies, or, the virtues of grey literature, pages ‑
Ted Striphas, Mark Hayward

Literary digital humanities and the politics of the infinite, pages ‑
Sas Mays

The political nature of the book: on artists' books and radical open access, pages ‑
Janneke Adema, Gary Hall

Materialities of Independent Publishing: A Conversation with AAAAARG, Chto Delat?, I Cite, Mute, And Neural, pages ‑
lock_openFree to download

Reviews and Booknotes, pages ‑
Ben Highmore, Wendy Wheeler, Molly Anne Rothenberg, Louise Westling lock_openFree to download

Of Birds and Hands, pages ‑
Wendy Wheeler

The Transference in Culture, pages ‑
Molly Anne Rothenberg

Still Anthropocentric, pages ‑
Louise Westling

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