New Formations Volume 2018 Issue 93

ISSN 0950-2378

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Memory, Territory, Moods


Editorial: Memory, Territory, Moods, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert Free to download

Stimmung, pages ‑
David Wellbery, Rebecca Pohl

Competitive memories: the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in contemporary British culture, pages ‑
Isabelle Hesse

Eco-catastrophe, arithmetic patriotism and the Thatcherite promise of nature, pages ‑
Michael Gardiner

‘#BOREDWITHMEG’: Gendered boredom and networked media, pages ‑
Tina Kendall Free to download

The obscure drama of the political idea: postcolonial negotiations, Deleuzian structures and the concept of cooperation, pages ‑
Simone Bignall

The face as technology, pages ‑
Zara Dinnen, Sam McBean

Reviews, pages ‑
Nicholas Beuret, Peter Buse, Mihail Evans, Joseph Darlington, Ida Djursaa Free to download

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