Soundings Volume 1999 Issue 11

ISSN 1362-6620

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Emotional Labour


Editorial: A Third Way with Teeth, pages ‑
Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

The Individual is a Minority': The Thin Line Between Universalism and Particularism, pages ‑
Andreas Hess

Five poems, pages ‑
Frances Angela, Phil Cohen, Dorothy Nimmo, Frances Wilson, Michael Young

South Asia: Fifty Years After Independence, pages ‑
T.V. Sathyamurthy

Conscript: A Story, pages ‑
Kevin Parry

Gringos, reggae gyals and le francais de la souche recente': Nation, Diaspora and Identity in Football, pages ‑
Les Back, Tim Crabbe, John Solomos

Reviews, pages ‑
Christine Clegg, David Goldblatt

Introduction: Emotional Labour and the Politics of Emotions, pages ‑
Pam Smith

Logging Emotions: A Logbook of Personal Reflections, pages ‑
Pam Smith

Intensive Care: A Photographic Study of Nursing Relationships, pages ‑
Dympna Casey

New Language, New Labour: Exploring the Politics of Emotions, pages ‑
Marjorie Mayo

The Theology of Emotion, pages ‑
Stephen Lloyd Smith

The Immigrant Experience: Affective and Effective Spheres, pages ‑
Minoo Moallem

Beyond the Wall: Changing Political Cultures of the Informal Sphere, pages ‑
Prue Chamberlayne

New Mournings?: A photoessay, pages ‑
Rosy Martin

Student Carers: Learning to Manage Emotions, pages ‑
Sue Williams

Poem: Miracle on St Davids Day, pages ‑
Gillian Clarke

Arlie Hochschild: Soft-spoken Conservationist of Emotions: Review and Assessment of Arlie Hochschild's work, pages ‑
Stephen Lloyd Smith

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