Soundings Volume 2002 Issue 20

ISSN 1362-6620

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Regimes of Emotion


Editorial: The Dynamics of Class and the Radical Right, pages ‑
Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

The Ghetto is Calling, pages ‑
Haim Bresheeth

Visit to 'North Tel-Aviv' Israel, January 2002, pages ‑
Nira Yuval-Davis

Letters from the Palestinian ghetto, 8-13 March 2002, pages ‑
Lena Jayyusi

'An Englishman's home': Reflections on the Tony Martin case, pages ‑
Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn

British exceptionalism, pages ‑
Andrew Stevens

The economic policies of Gordon Brown and the treasury: Stability for what?, pages ‑
John Grieve Smith

When Brown was red, pages ‑
Fraser MacDonald, Andy Cumbers

Four poems, pages ‑
Susanne Ehrhardt, Judy Gahagan, Hisham Matar, Steven Taylor

Reviews, pages ‑
Sasha Miller, Gregor McLennan, Peter Howells

Editorial: Regimes of Emotion, pages ‑
Pam Smith

Towards a Manifesto for Feelings, pages ‑
Steve Smith

Emotion management in an age of global terrorism, pages ‑
Arlie Russell Hochschild

If you love your work, do you thank a careers counsellor?, pages ‑
Fiona Douglas, Stephen Lloyd Smith

Unemployed and feeling worthless Reflections on the emotional experience of unemployment, pages ‑
Maria Lorentzon

Emotional labour and cancer work Some reflections after a conference, pages ‑
Gay Lee

Involvement and emotional labour, pages ‑
Del Loewenthal

Therapeutic nursing, emotional labour, economic exchange Is there a link?, pages ‑
David Newbold

The disappearance of convalescence, pages ‑
Bridget Towers

Narrating the emergency: Heroism and horror, pages ‑
Stuart Nairn

The emotional labour of police work, pages ‑
Rick Rattue, Nelarine Cornelius

The refugee experience, pages ‑
Ian Robbins

'Down on the Farm': Reflections on emotional labour and regeneration, pages ‑
Marjorie Mayo, Trudi James, Pam Smith

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