Soundings Volume 2011 Issue 49

ISSN 1362-6620

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Who Will Speak for England?


Editorial: Speaking for England, pages ‑
lock_openFree to download

Time for an optimistic Englishness, pages ‑
Anthony Painter lock_openFree to download

English socialism - regional accent?, pages ‑
Paul Salveson

Democratic localism, pages ‑
Ken Spours

The benefits scandal, pages ‑
Kaliya Franklin, Sue Marsh lock_openFree to download

'Dependency' and disability: how to misread the evidence on social security, pages ‑
Declan Gaffney

Cuts are a feminist issue, pages ‑

Reviews, pages ‑
Craig Berry, Rhiannon Freeland, Michael Moran, Alan O'Shea

Relational economics, pages ‑
Andrea Westall

Where did it all go wrong for George Osborne?, pages ‑
Michael Burke

'Cars not casinos': the manufacturing revival, pages ‑
Paul Everitt

The entrepreneurial state, pages ‑
Mariana Mazzucato

'Managed' v 'market capitalism': the record, pages ‑
Stewart Lansley

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