The Asian Youth Movements: racism and resistance

Soundings - ISSN 1362-6620
Volume 2016 Number 63

The Asian Youth Movements: racism and resistance
Anandi Ramamurthy pages -


The Asian Youth Movements (AYMs) that emerged thirty years ago provide us with an example of the power of independent organisation and the possibility of fighting injustice and winning: these organisations, which arose primarily as self-defence campaigns against the racism experienced by Asian communities from both the state and the general population, gave black people a chance to challenge discrimination in their own voice, and, at their most effective moments, expressed the value of broad-based solidarities. A reflection on their history can therefore produce useful insights for those struggling against racism today. This account focus on two main campaigns of the AYMs: the Anwar Ditta Defence Campaign and the Bradford 12 Defence Campaign. An important part of the lesson to be drawn from these campaigns is that it is possible to fight and win.

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