Soundings Volume 2022 Issue 81

ISSN 1362-6620

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Culture wars


Editorial: Sugar-rush politics, pages 4‑8
Bill Schwarz lock_openFree to download

In this issue, pages 9‑9

What’s at stake in the culture wars?, pages 13‑22
Janet Newman, John Clarke

Culture wars and the making of authoritarian populism: articulations of spatial division and popular consent, pages 23‑42
David Featherstone lock_openFree to download

Digital culture wars: understanding the far right’s online powerbase, pages 43‑64
Alan Finlayson, Annie Kelly and Rob Topinka are interviewed by Ben Little

Charity, politics and the culture wars, pages 65‑84
Debs Grayson lock_openFree to download

The BBC and culture wars, pages 85‑100
Roundtable discussion with Debs Grayson, Tom Mills, Justin Schlosberg lock_openFree to download

Reviews, pages 101‑109
Michael Rustin on Keir Starmer; Manuwi C. Tokai, Jannat Hossain and Debs Grayson on the Trojan Horse podcast lock_openFree to download

From austerity to Brexit: the failed populist moment in the UK, pages 110‑127
Marina Prentoulis

Feminism is a project not an identity, pages 128‑142
Jo Littler interviews Sylvia Walby lock_openFree to download

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